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Frida Kahlo: eccentric and brilliant


Any item , person or event can be used by an artist for inspiration. Monet had them in their camalotes , the same Fernando Botero ( who already presented ) was inspired by his latest collection at the atrocities in the Middle East during wartime . There is a particular inspiration is somewhat curious . What if the strongest , deepest , inspiration should come from your own suffering? Nothing better to understand the emotions than be experienced. Frida Kahlo lived them, and found in the art, best way to treat them.

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter , married the famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.Llevó an unconventional life , was bisexual and among her lovers was Leon Trotsky . His paintings thematically revolves around his biography and his own suffering. He painted 200 works , mostly self-portraits, in which he projected his difficulties sobrevivir.La Kahlo's work is influenced by her husband, renowned painter Diego Rivera, with whom he shared his love of Mexican folk art indigenous roots, inspiring others Mexican painters of the post- revolutionary period. Although he enjoyed the admiration of prominent painters and intellectuals of his time as Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky , André Breton and Marcel Duchamp , his work achieved true international fame and recognition after his death , from the 1970s .

A rugged life. Frida 's life was marked from an early age by physical suffering and disease. The first of these mishaps involved a contracted polio in 1913 , beginning a series of successive conditions, various injuries , accidents and operations. This first illness forced her to remain nine months in bed and left a permanent sequel right leg much thinner than the left. This disease would leave their mark on their own works of Frida .

Then , in 1925 , suffered a serious accident when the bus she was traveling in was hit by a tram , being crushed against a wall and completely destroyed. He was returning home from school , along with Alejandro Gómez Arias, her then-boyfriend . Her spine was fractured into three parts , and suffering fractures in two ribs , collarbone and three in the bone púbico.A From there, he began to paint in a more continuous manner. ( image you can see a rough reproduction created to thank the Virgin of Dolores have been saved by accident )

The artist Diego Rivera married in 1929. Their relationship consisted love affairs with other people , creative link , hatred , divorce in 1939 and a second marriage a year later. When I came to call marriage a union between an elephant and a dove , because Diego was huge and obese while she was small and thin. Moreover, Frida , because of his injuries , was never to have children , which took many years to accept.

His work. Both critics of the work of Frida Kahlo as his biographers agree that any attempt to separate the personal lives of his work is almost impossible to discuss the issue, the symbolism and even the art of the artist's work . Work is very personal and autobiographical bias: Frida is subject and object of your painting . Uniquely difficult to classify in a school, his work is characterized by a synthesis of expressionist and surrealist elements with a popular theme. Within the recognition achieved in 1939 , Frida travels to Paris to show his paintings. During this trip manages to impress Picasso and Kandinsky with their jobs. Picasso later wrote a letter to Diego Rivera with high praise for Frida , highlighting his skills as a portraitist : " Neither you nor Derain, nor I are able to paint a face painting as Frida Kahlo de Rivera ."

Frida Kahlo died in 1954 in Coyoacán . His remains were laid to rest in the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City and his coffin was draped with the flag of the Mexican Communist Party, a fact that heavily criticized the national press . His body was cremated in the Civil Dolores Crematorium and his ashes are kept at the Blue House in Coyoacan , the place also was born.

Your last picture is also displayed in the Museo Frida Kahlo . De is an oil on masonite showing various cuts of watermelons in very bright colors. In one of these pieces and with his signature can be read " VIVA LA VIDA. Coyoacán, 1954 , Mexico . " The last words in his diary were: " I hope the exit joyful and I hope never to return "

I leave a link to know a little more of his work and who is lucky enough to go visit his museum.

Hail: when there is no longer "singing in the rain"


Mr. Gomez leaves the office in rush hour . He hates the traffic and to get home late . However, it is not the cause of concern on his face while driving. Mr. Smith is not a common employee, he works in the weather office and has enough experience to distinguish those clouds ahead are not any but a Cumulonimbus and probably are loaded with hundreds of thousands of spheres of ice harsh and dangerous hail.

Hail pattern is formed is a type of solid precipitation balls consisting of irregular lumps or ice . Consists mainly of water ice and its size can vary among you between 5 and 50 millimeters in diameter and exceed that measure. Hail is possible in most storms, as it occurs within cumulonimbus, within 2 nautical miles ( 3.7 km ) of the mother storm.
Granizo como se forma dibujo Cumuluslimbus
Hail formation originates with the presence of a solid particle . This is driven by strong updrafts within the cloud , which you will be attaching water particles . When ascending , the cooling of these particles , freezing occurs . Upon reaching the top of the cloud , hail falls to earth by its own weight . Hail storms are distributed across the planet earth , focusing its presence in the sub - tropiales areas where climatic conditions are more tumultuous , and they are among the major causes of climate disasters . Hail storms are among the most feared man storms . They have enough force to raze large tracts of vegetation , damaging buildings, destroying vehicles and cause serious injury to living beings , you can even preovocarles death.

Granizo en Vivian South Dakota
Following the story of the worst hail storms . According to some records , the historic worst disaster caused by hail occurred on April 30, 1888 in the Indian city of Moradabad , where the stones of enormous size that fell killed 246 people in the act or of wounds suffered. Records more modern mark in Vivian, South Dakota in the United States of America, July 23, 2010 , hail fell nearly reached the 0,900 Kg and exceed 20 cm in diameter.

 More pictures of incredible storms!

Tormenta de GranizoTormenta de Granizo

FARC: the misfits´ obtuseness


FARC guerrilla de ColombiaIt is inconceivable and inefficient to expect that all human beings share the same vision or political philosophy. The differences generally enriches society and allows, in theory, to reach a solution that overcomes . The premise is what to do when the person next to us did not share my thoughts. Civilized people may use new arguments to try to reason or even reconsider their own beliefs. Other pseudo humans believe that through extortion, violence and disposal can "convince" your opinion is the best for the common good. 

FARC guerrilla de Colombia
FARC guerrilla Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ( FARC or ) is a guerrilla group that calls itself Marxist- Leninist . Operating in Colombia and in the border regions of Brazil , Ecuador , Panama , Peru and Venezuela . They are participants in the Colombian armed conflict since its formation in 1964.

The FARC is considered a terrorist group by various States . However, governments in other Latin American countries such as Brazil and Argentina this rating does not apply . Another president , Ecuadorian , also said he does not consider them terrorists , not belligerent , just " irregular " and that the only belligerent status be recognized always and when they cease all acts that go against human rights such as kidnapping or bomb attacks, " attacks that can be considered terrorists," in the words of Correa

Their actions include drug trafficking, guerrilla warfare and terrorist techniques such as the implementation of landmines , killing civilians , government officials , police and military , political or kidnapping for ransom , bombings and unconventional weapons ( gas cylinders, pump animals) , and events that have caused forced displacement of civilians .

In 2010 , it was estimated that the FARC were present and exercised its influence in parts of 24 of the 32 departments of Colombia especially south and east of the country , particularly in Putumayo , Tolima , Nariño , Cauca and Valle del Cauca. Their numerical strength varies according to sources, was estimated in 2001 to 16,000 , but after the defeats later , the group was disintegrating. According to a report by Human Rights Watch , about 20-30% are under 18 , many forcibly recruited .

FARC guerrilla de Colombia historia
Origins : The FARC is the oldest and largest guerrilla group in Latin America. Founded after the offensive , "to reaffirm the authority of the National Front ," the Colombian army conducted in 1964 against the "Republic of Marquetalia " one of the 60 autonomous communities created by radical communist armed groups in late the time of the violence that followed the Bogotazo in 1948. During its early years , the FARC had an exclusively rural character and limited to relatively sporadic actions in small areas of influence, still prioritizing the peasant self-defense component . The Colombian government tried several military to end the guerrilla group operating , which ultimately failed to end

Currently the government of the day working incisamente both diplomatically and militarily to reduce the forces of FARC and achieve peace . For the sake of our fellow Colombians and peace in general throughout Latin America , hopefully so be it.

If you want got a look at the other side of this story ( always encourage the reader to form his own opinion) they had a link to a site in the FARC. Judge for yourselves ...

FARC guerrilla de Colombia Uribe

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Kitesurf: surfing the wind over water


Kitesurf deportes de agua
The game is set in a man's life by several main reasons : first is an important activity that keeps the body and mind sharp and young. On the other , it is a social excuse to get together with friends or make new groups. However, there is a reason that happens , perhaps most unnoticed but no less important : it is a major supplier of adrenaline. In an effort to find new limits for this search, someone had mixed paragliding and surfing to create a new activity and is passion in many parts of the world : the kitesurf.

Kitesurf deportes de agua como funcionaKitesurfing is a sport that involves sliding the use of a traction kite (kite , English ) , stretching the athlete and attached to the body by a harness , allowing hydroplane using a table or a ski Wakeboard type designed for this purpose. Why flying the kite? There is a particular strength that allows : lift . In a fluid (in this case air) pressure and a constant speed , this means that where the flow velocity increases the pressure decreases. Let's see how this affects the aircraft wings , birds and paragliding. As you can see in the illustration, the wing profile is not symmetrical , as the air around him which is on the bottom goes almost without deviation , however the passing overhead has to travel more distance , if you want to get to trailing edge while passing beneath the need to increase its speed. By the above principle the pressure at the top decreases and increases in the lower part . Complicated, but it happens.

Kitesurf deportes de agua historiaAlthough this sport so is rather recent , it has been known since ancient times in China and Indonesia were used kites to pull small boats. Not , however, until 1977 when Adrianus Gijsbertus Panhuise patented a navigation system on a surfboard for a type of parasailing, becoming the father of the sport. In Indonesia is a culture and an art, the designs are many and varied, in these places you can find the kiteboarding industry . It is also a great place to train and develop the material , this along with the cheap labor and industrial development of this area puts a pioneer in the development of Kiteboarding .

Started in sport. To begin this sport experts recommend doing an introductory course where they teach a first contact with the material , and since it is a dangerous sport , you need at least a basic safety and rescue procedures to resolve situations breakage of material fall from the kite , etc. . This sport in inexperienced hands can be dangerous, but well practiced is a very exciting sport that huge adrenaline rush .
Kitesurf deportes de agua secuencia S Bend

In an introductory course , there is usually a theoretical security , flight window , etc. . and a practical part , which begins in the sand with a trainer kite , which makes contact with the force of the kite in the different positions of the window of flight and its behavior depending on the speed . Procedure to raise and lower the kite loose . Then you get into water and practice the " body drag " movement in the water without the board , this technique allows to recover the water table , then practice the " waterstart" output from the water table

I leave you a picture that might scare more than one who wants to start in sport ... Truth or Fiction ?

Kitesurf deportes de agua peligroso tiburon

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Great Blue Hole: the mysterious eye of the ocean


No matter how much we have traveled or traveled the world , how much Internet or general culture blogs have visited , the nature is saved thousands of wonderful places and secrets reserved for . Some are famous and commercially exploited as the Iguazu Falls . Others, such as the Blue Hole, that we present today , remains a mystery to most people .

A blue holeis an underwater cave or sink . They are also called vertical caves . Blue holes are roughly circular , steep-walled, and named for the dramatic contrast between the dark blue of the deep water and the lighter blue of the shallows around them . Water circulation is poor, and its waters are commonly anoxic below a certain depth and this environment is unfavorable for most sea life , but life can allow a large number of bacteria. The deepest blue hole in the world is the Blue Hole Dean with a depth of 202 meters. It is situated in a bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island, in the Bahamas.

Blue holes formed during past ice ages , when sea level was about 100-150 meters lower than today. At that time , these formations were subject to chemical weathering common in all limestone -rich soils , which ended once immersed at the end of the ice age . Blue holes typically found in carbonate platforms shallow .

One of the most famous in the world is the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize . It is located near the center of Lighthouse Reef , a small atoll located 100 kilometers from the mainland and Belize City. The hole is circular in shape , and has more than 300 meters wide and 123 meters deep. As the ocean began to rise again , the caves were flooded , and the roof collapsed . Is believed to be the world's biggest phenomenon of its kind, the Great Blue Hole is part of the System of Reserves Belize Barrier Reef , World Heritage United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO) . It's a great place for diving but is for advanced people who do not fear the presence of sharks ! If some brave soul wants to try it , please contact:

Pearl Harbor: awaken the giant


Pearl HarborFor a civil man , it is often difficult to understand the rationale of military strategy . To an ignorant on the subject as who writes , makes absolutely no sense the act in Japan during the Pearl Harbor attack . Except ... unless the official historical facts are hiding part of the story . Perhaps the Japanese already knew it was imminent entry of the United States into the war and its action was defensive , seeking to delay the American attack . Or maybe they were just crazy ... Again, apologize for my ignorance .

Pearl HarborThe attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military offensive conducted by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the naval base of the United States at Pearl Harbor , Hawaii, on the morning of December 7, 1941 . The attack was intended as a preventive action taken to eliminate the intervention of the Pacific Fleet of the United States military actions the Empire of Japan was planning in Southeast Asia perform against overseas territories of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States itself (or at least that's the official story ) .

Pearl HarborThe naval base was attacked by more than 300 Japanese aircraft including fighter jets , bombers and torpedo bombers that took off six portaaviones.Resultaron damaged eight U.S. battleships stationed in the port , and four of them were sunk . Of these eight , two were refloated and four repaired , so that six could re-enter service later in the war. The Japanese attack also sank or damaged three cruisers, three destroyers , one minelayer and training ship . The Americans lost 188 aircraft , killed 2402 Americans and 1282 were injured in varying degrees . However, the Japanese attacked the power station, shipyard , maintenance facilities , fuel tanks and torpedoes , submarine docks and the building of the headquarters and the intelligence section . The Japanese lost 29 aircraft and five midget submarines , as well as military casualties suffered 65 killed and wounded . Also, a Japanese sailor was captured alive .

Pearl Harbor
The attack deeply shocked American people and led directly to the U.S. entry into World War II in both theaters of war in Europe and the Pacific. The day after the attack , December 8 , the United States declared war on the Empire of Japan . Domestic support in North America to non- intervention in the global conflict , which had been strong , disappeared while clandestine assistance to the UK was replaced by a full alliance . Subsequent operations led the American nation that declared war Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy on December 11 , which was reciprocated by the U.S. the next day.

There are numerous historical precedents for military attack without a declaration of war by Japan . However, the absence of a formal declaration by the Japanese while negotiations were taking place that seemed to prosper led President Franklin D. Roosevelt to qualify for the December 7, 1941 as "a date which will live in infamy ."

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Tequila: a toast to this mexican invention

The man investigates sources of carbohydrates and sugars to try to obtain a new formulation of an
tequila bebidas destiladas Mexicoalcoholic beverage. We get famous malt distilled spirits (whiskey ) , grapes ( cognac ) to even the Pope ( Vodka ) . No less striking is perhaps the case of Mexicans , that plant expected at least get one of the fastest growing beverage business in recent decades . Know more tequila : its history and manufacture.
Mexico agave tequila is a distillate from the municipality of Tequila in the state of Jalisco , Mexico . It is made from fermented and distilled like mezcal , agave juice extracted , in particular the so-called blue agave . It is perhaps the most popular drink and representative of Mexico in the world. To be called tequila, the drink must be made ​​in Mexico and contain at least 51 % of sugars from the agave , although the purest tequilas are 100 % agave . In the mixed tequilas , agave syrup mixed with corn or sugar cane .
tequila agave Mexico
Mexicola story tequila Tequila unknown history . Tequila is from Jalisco , according to serious researchers . No municipality can claim to be the " origin of tequila " . Mezcal - Wine is now known as tequila was already produced in the Province of Avalos (now Ciudad Guzman ) since 1616 , as stated in a document from the file of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara. In this region also traded mezcales - agave - between Indians and Spanish , as stated in the document .
However, and for a more accurate historical truth so it's up to the origin of tequila , it should be noted that the tequila or mescal or mezcal was simply an invention of colonial and indigenous , from the moment that it is a distillate . In pre-Hispanic America , distillation was unknown physical process . The Spanish encomenderos
tequila historia Mexicoof the first third of the sixteenth century Indian labor used for all tasks but this condition is not sufficient to attribute to the ancient Mexicans the invention of agave spirits . In ancient Mexico , the cooked agave was just a sweet food . The only pre-Hispanic drink pulque agave was that at some time after the Conquest was the basis for some Spanish entrepreneurs to prepare a distillate called " rabbit blood ."
Its development . The most important unit operations that occur in the process of making Tequila , are:
Jima is separated from the leaves of agave pineapple when it has reached the proper development.
Hydrolysis: The hydrolysis is required for simple sugars (mainly fructose) . For this, it is mainly used a thermal process . At this stage there are many compounds that determine the profile of the final product .
tequila como se hace MexicoExtraction : the sugars contained in the cones of agave must be separated from the fiber, this extraction is commonly performed with a combination of wrenching and a train of rolling mills . Currently , it is common to use diffusers that make the operation efficient .
According to the Official Mexican Standard for Tequila , tequila maker can produce two categories of Tequila , which are 100 % Agave Tequila and Tequila respectively ( up to 49 % with other sugars ) .
Fermentation: in this stage , the sugars present in the must are transformed by the action of yeast , into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide .
Distillation: After the fermentation phase , it is necessary to musts distillation process of separating the constituents of the wort.
The product obtained from the first cycle is commonly known as ordinary , this product is subjected to a second cycle or correction finally getting Tequila.

Chichen Itza: heart of the Maya

Chichen itza cultura maya mexicoEvery civilization must possess to be named as such an urban center where there raised their best buildings , have lived their best players and their culture has survived above . As for the Incas, Machu Picchu , Chichen Itza was a major city that surprisingly survived the passage of time to be a witness of what was once a great and wonderful Native American civilization . While it did ( as usual ) for several years numerous " looting " Today is protected by the Mexican government . Chichen Itza , a jewel.
Chichen Itza is one of the major archaeological sites of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico , located in the municipality of Tinum , in the state of Yucatan. Important and renowned relic of the Mayan civilization , the main buildings there remain correspond to the time of the decline of Mayan culture known to archaeologists as the post-classical period .
The massive architecture that has survived until today and today is emblematic of the site, has a distinct Toltec influence . The god who presides over the site , according to Mayan mythology , is Kukulcan Mayan
Chichen itza cultura maya mexico observatoriorepresentation of Quetzalcoatl , god made ​​the Toltec culture pantheon . That said , consider that Chichen Itza was a city or a ceremonial center , which went through various periods constructive and influences of different peoples that occupied and that boosted since its founding.
Chichen Itza Mayan culture observatorioLa mexico Chichen Itza archaeological site was inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1988. The July 7, 2007 , was recognized as one of the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World , by private initiative without the support of Unesco , but with the recognition of millions of voters around the world.
Chichen itza cultura maya mexico mapaHis story : Chichén Itzá was founded around 525 AD , during "the first drop or fall small eastern referring chronicles " for the chanes of Bacalar (later called Itza ) and later still Cocomes . They set up their capital.
Toward the end of the Late Classic period , in the ninth century , Chichen became one of the most important political centers Mayab land . For the beginning of the Postclassic ( from 900 to 1500 ) , the city had established itself as the main center of power in the Yucatan Peninsula.
Mayan Chichen Itza buildings show a large number of architectural and iconographic elements that some historians have called mexicanized . The truth is that it is visible the influence of cultures from the Mexican plateau , and mixing with the Puuc style , from the heights of the peninsula , the Classic Maya architecture . The presence of these elements from the cultures of the highlands were conceived a few years ago as a result of a mass migration or conquest of the Mayan city by Toltec groups . However, more recent studies suggest they may have been the cultural expression of a political system widespread and prestigious during the early Postclassic Mesoamerica .
Chichen itza cultura maya mexico saqueo

Chichen Itza in the post- Maya. In the sixteenth century the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Montejo and the Franciscan Diego de Landa , made ​​the first visits of Europeans in the area and gave a detailed account of the existence of the city.
Chichen Itza Mayan mexico saqueoEn 1840 John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood visited the archaeological site of Chichen Itza, in that time the area was within the estate of the same name that belonged to Juan Sosa . In 1894 , Edward Herbert Thompson purchased the Hacienda Chichén- Itzá , conducted studies and explorations in the area, especially in the sacred cenote . During this work many objects found were inadvertently sent to the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University but later , due to the intervention of the Mexican government , some of the objects were returned. This was a time of looting of one of the most important treasures of Mexican history .

When Thompson died in 1935 the estate passed to his heirs although the control and jurisdiction , and the systematic exploration and maintenance of extensive archaeological site is run by provision of law , the National Institute of Anthropology and History, the agency Mexican federal government

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Fulgencio Batista: democracy by force

For some politicians of the twentieth century , democracy is the best system of government as long as the chosen is always him. Otherwise , you will always find a way to convince ( by hook or by crook ) that the village was wrong with his decision and that for the common good have to take power at any cost . Examples and in Latin America, there were many, all eventually fell. The Cuban case is perhaps one of the most memorable in history, Fulgencio Batista , the protagonist . That is the people and history to judge his actions.
Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar was a military and Cuban politician , President of Cuba between 1940-1944 and de facto in 1952-1959 , known as " The Man."
His beginnings in power the fall of Machado in 1933 , participated in several conspiracies that led to the Civil- Military Movement September 4 of that year. It also established a Board of Governors , the call Pentarchy ( consisting of 5 members, one of them Dr. Ramón Grau ) . A proposal Sergio Carbó , Batista was appointed Colonel -in-Chief of the Army in that same 1934-1940 año.De went down hard repression of communist and socialist movements of the sugar mills .
Having resigned in 1940 Federico Laredo Bru , Batista is a candidate of the Democratic Socialist Coalition in the 1940 elections , and was elected president , inaugurating his term on October 10, 1940 . On June 8 of that year approved a new constitution , introduced in practice one semiparlamentarismo Cuban policy , the President was elected by universal suffrage for a term of four years, also enhanced the government intervention in the economy and introduced a Social Security network . Fulfilled its mandate leaves the government after new elections at the hands of Ramon Grau San Martin.
The end of democracy . After eight years of a government under the presidency of Ramón Grau San Martin and Carlos Prio , Batista was a candidate in the 1952 elections . However, as some of the surveys placed him third, on March 10, 1952 , just four months of the presidential election , gave back a coup , claiming a number of justifiable reasons not using his leadership within the armed forces and being supported by certain political sectors . In the process of the coup bloodshed brought not one but attracted the attention and concern of much of the population. Batista 's government respected the rights of American industry and the Cuban trade . However, corruption was huge and the people were starving.
Revolution and fled : His overthrow by the Cuban Revolution (whose extensive topic discussed in a single post ) took place on January 1, 1959 and was promoted by Fidel Castro. Defeated and no prospect of support, Batista fled the country with a fortune approaching U.S. $ 100 million , exiling first in the Dominican Republic , then on the island of Madeira (Portugal ) and finally in Spain , until his death in 1973 to cause of a heart attack in the town of Marbella .

Davis Cup: play for the love of your country

Professional sports , including tennis, have a clear goal, to make money . If it is true that also seeks
to add trophies, grow in the rankings and become famous , but all as a way to have more sponsors , play in tournaments and the top end ... earn more and more money. But there is a small glimmer of hope that keeps the essence of pure sport . A cup where the individual is shelved for teamwork ... and not the 4 or 5 players that form but of the millions of people living in a nation and these athletes delegated the responsibility to defend his jersey , no prize without individual fame. This is the Davis Cup.The Davis Cup is an international tennis competition , organized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF ) . Unlike most tennis events worldwide, in the Davis Cup players involved not individually , but national teams for various players nominated by their national federation sports . The Davis Cup , held since 1900 , is a men-only tournament , with the Fed Cup equivalent for female players .
It is the largest annual sporting event counting with 125 existing different national teams during its 2010 edition . The exercise is champion Czech Republic won its second title in the competition after winning the 2012 Davis Cup 3-2 to Spain .
A little history . The Davis Cup is named after its creator, Dwight Filley Davis , tennis player and politician
born in 1879 . Davis conceived the idea of ​​creating a national team competition in which the best U.S. will face a team from the British Isles. The first meeting was prepared in 1905 at the Longwood Cricket Club in Brookline , just outside Boston , winning the British Americans 3-0 . Davis , who played with the U.S. team , donated the money for the development of a silver cup , to a design by Rowland Rhodes based on a punch bowl topped with flower ornaments 33 cm high and 43 cm in diameter. Inside this bowl was recorded misnamed the tournament name " International Lawn Tennis Challenge Trophy" , and in his left side listed the names of the participants. The competition had an unexpected continuity and from 1945 , the year he died Davis ( November 28 ) , was renamed the Davis Cup .
The custom of record names Cup finalists and winners , and the fact that it is delivered in property missing soon made room for new entries . In 1921 , Davis won a silver tray of 95 cm in diameter punch bowl base , which were recorded by the end of 1921-1933 . When it was full , they built a wooden base with name plates continued enrollment of 34 editions . In 1969 it was necessary to add a second base, wider than space available until 2002 , when it added a third .