Monday, March 17, 2014

Hail: when there is no longer "singing in the rain"


Mr. Gomez leaves the office in rush hour . He hates the traffic and to get home late . However, it is not the cause of concern on his face while driving. Mr. Smith is not a common employee, he works in the weather office and has enough experience to distinguish those clouds ahead are not any but a Cumulonimbus and probably are loaded with hundreds of thousands of spheres of ice harsh and dangerous hail.

Hail pattern is formed is a type of solid precipitation balls consisting of irregular lumps or ice . Consists mainly of water ice and its size can vary among you between 5 and 50 millimeters in diameter and exceed that measure. Hail is possible in most storms, as it occurs within cumulonimbus, within 2 nautical miles ( 3.7 km ) of the mother storm.
Granizo como se forma dibujo Cumuluslimbus
Hail formation originates with the presence of a solid particle . This is driven by strong updrafts within the cloud , which you will be attaching water particles . When ascending , the cooling of these particles , freezing occurs . Upon reaching the top of the cloud , hail falls to earth by its own weight . Hail storms are distributed across the planet earth , focusing its presence in the sub - tropiales areas where climatic conditions are more tumultuous , and they are among the major causes of climate disasters . Hail storms are among the most feared man storms . They have enough force to raze large tracts of vegetation , damaging buildings, destroying vehicles and cause serious injury to living beings , you can even preovocarles death.

Granizo en Vivian South Dakota
Following the story of the worst hail storms . According to some records , the historic worst disaster caused by hail occurred on April 30, 1888 in the Indian city of Moradabad , where the stones of enormous size that fell killed 246 people in the act or of wounds suffered. Records more modern mark in Vivian, South Dakota in the United States of America, July 23, 2010 , hail fell nearly reached the 0,900 Kg and exceed 20 cm in diameter.

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Tormenta de GranizoTormenta de Granizo

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