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FARC: the misfits´ obtuseness


FARC guerrilla de ColombiaIt is inconceivable and inefficient to expect that all human beings share the same vision or political philosophy. The differences generally enriches society and allows, in theory, to reach a solution that overcomes . The premise is what to do when the person next to us did not share my thoughts. Civilized people may use new arguments to try to reason or even reconsider their own beliefs. Other pseudo humans believe that through extortion, violence and disposal can "convince" your opinion is the best for the common good. 

FARC guerrilla de Colombia
FARC guerrilla Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ( FARC or ) is a guerrilla group that calls itself Marxist- Leninist . Operating in Colombia and in the border regions of Brazil , Ecuador , Panama , Peru and Venezuela . They are participants in the Colombian armed conflict since its formation in 1964.

The FARC is considered a terrorist group by various States . However, governments in other Latin American countries such as Brazil and Argentina this rating does not apply . Another president , Ecuadorian , also said he does not consider them terrorists , not belligerent , just " irregular " and that the only belligerent status be recognized always and when they cease all acts that go against human rights such as kidnapping or bomb attacks, " attacks that can be considered terrorists," in the words of Correa

Their actions include drug trafficking, guerrilla warfare and terrorist techniques such as the implementation of landmines , killing civilians , government officials , police and military , political or kidnapping for ransom , bombings and unconventional weapons ( gas cylinders, pump animals) , and events that have caused forced displacement of civilians .

In 2010 , it was estimated that the FARC were present and exercised its influence in parts of 24 of the 32 departments of Colombia especially south and east of the country , particularly in Putumayo , Tolima , Nariño , Cauca and Valle del Cauca. Their numerical strength varies according to sources, was estimated in 2001 to 16,000 , but after the defeats later , the group was disintegrating. According to a report by Human Rights Watch , about 20-30% are under 18 , many forcibly recruited .

FARC guerrilla de Colombia historia
Origins : The FARC is the oldest and largest guerrilla group in Latin America. Founded after the offensive , "to reaffirm the authority of the National Front ," the Colombian army conducted in 1964 against the "Republic of Marquetalia " one of the 60 autonomous communities created by radical communist armed groups in late the time of the violence that followed the Bogotazo in 1948. During its early years , the FARC had an exclusively rural character and limited to relatively sporadic actions in small areas of influence, still prioritizing the peasant self-defense component . The Colombian government tried several military to end the guerrilla group operating , which ultimately failed to end

Currently the government of the day working incisamente both diplomatically and militarily to reduce the forces of FARC and achieve peace . For the sake of our fellow Colombians and peace in general throughout Latin America , hopefully so be it.

If you want got a look at the other side of this story ( always encourage the reader to form his own opinion) they had a link to a site in the FARC. Judge for yourselves ...

FARC guerrilla de Colombia Uribe

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