Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kitesurf: surfing the wind over water


Kitesurf deportes de agua
The game is set in a man's life by several main reasons : first is an important activity that keeps the body and mind sharp and young. On the other , it is a social excuse to get together with friends or make new groups. However, there is a reason that happens , perhaps most unnoticed but no less important : it is a major supplier of adrenaline. In an effort to find new limits for this search, someone had mixed paragliding and surfing to create a new activity and is passion in many parts of the world : the kitesurf.

Kitesurf deportes de agua como funcionaKitesurfing is a sport that involves sliding the use of a traction kite (kite , English ) , stretching the athlete and attached to the body by a harness , allowing hydroplane using a table or a ski Wakeboard type designed for this purpose. Why flying the kite? There is a particular strength that allows : lift . In a fluid (in this case air) pressure and a constant speed , this means that where the flow velocity increases the pressure decreases. Let's see how this affects the aircraft wings , birds and paragliding. As you can see in the illustration, the wing profile is not symmetrical , as the air around him which is on the bottom goes almost without deviation , however the passing overhead has to travel more distance , if you want to get to trailing edge while passing beneath the need to increase its speed. By the above principle the pressure at the top decreases and increases in the lower part . Complicated, but it happens.

Kitesurf deportes de agua historiaAlthough this sport so is rather recent , it has been known since ancient times in China and Indonesia were used kites to pull small boats. Not , however, until 1977 when Adrianus Gijsbertus Panhuise patented a navigation system on a surfboard for a type of parasailing, becoming the father of the sport. In Indonesia is a culture and an art, the designs are many and varied, in these places you can find the kiteboarding industry . It is also a great place to train and develop the material , this along with the cheap labor and industrial development of this area puts a pioneer in the development of Kiteboarding .

Started in sport. To begin this sport experts recommend doing an introductory course where they teach a first contact with the material , and since it is a dangerous sport , you need at least a basic safety and rescue procedures to resolve situations breakage of material fall from the kite , etc. . This sport in inexperienced hands can be dangerous, but well practiced is a very exciting sport that huge adrenaline rush .
Kitesurf deportes de agua secuencia S Bend

In an introductory course , there is usually a theoretical security , flight window , etc. . and a practical part , which begins in the sand with a trainer kite , which makes contact with the force of the kite in the different positions of the window of flight and its behavior depending on the speed . Procedure to raise and lower the kite loose . Then you get into water and practice the " body drag " movement in the water without the board , this technique allows to recover the water table , then practice the " waterstart" output from the water table

I leave you a picture that might scare more than one who wants to start in sport ... Truth or Fiction ?

Kitesurf deportes de agua peligroso tiburon

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