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Frida Kahlo: eccentric and brilliant


Any item , person or event can be used by an artist for inspiration. Monet had them in their camalotes , the same Fernando Botero ( who already presented ) was inspired by his latest collection at the atrocities in the Middle East during wartime . There is a particular inspiration is somewhat curious . What if the strongest , deepest , inspiration should come from your own suffering? Nothing better to understand the emotions than be experienced. Frida Kahlo lived them, and found in the art, best way to treat them.

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter , married the famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.Llevó an unconventional life , was bisexual and among her lovers was Leon Trotsky . His paintings thematically revolves around his biography and his own suffering. He painted 200 works , mostly self-portraits, in which he projected his difficulties sobrevivir.La Kahlo's work is influenced by her husband, renowned painter Diego Rivera, with whom he shared his love of Mexican folk art indigenous roots, inspiring others Mexican painters of the post- revolutionary period. Although he enjoyed the admiration of prominent painters and intellectuals of his time as Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky , André Breton and Marcel Duchamp , his work achieved true international fame and recognition after his death , from the 1970s .

A rugged life. Frida 's life was marked from an early age by physical suffering and disease. The first of these mishaps involved a contracted polio in 1913 , beginning a series of successive conditions, various injuries , accidents and operations. This first illness forced her to remain nine months in bed and left a permanent sequel right leg much thinner than the left. This disease would leave their mark on their own works of Frida .

Then , in 1925 , suffered a serious accident when the bus she was traveling in was hit by a tram , being crushed against a wall and completely destroyed. He was returning home from school , along with Alejandro Gómez Arias, her then-boyfriend . Her spine was fractured into three parts , and suffering fractures in two ribs , collarbone and three in the bone púbico.A From there, he began to paint in a more continuous manner. ( image you can see a rough reproduction created to thank the Virgin of Dolores have been saved by accident )

The artist Diego Rivera married in 1929. Their relationship consisted love affairs with other people , creative link , hatred , divorce in 1939 and a second marriage a year later. When I came to call marriage a union between an elephant and a dove , because Diego was huge and obese while she was small and thin. Moreover, Frida , because of his injuries , was never to have children , which took many years to accept.

His work. Both critics of the work of Frida Kahlo as his biographers agree that any attempt to separate the personal lives of his work is almost impossible to discuss the issue, the symbolism and even the art of the artist's work . Work is very personal and autobiographical bias: Frida is subject and object of your painting . Uniquely difficult to classify in a school, his work is characterized by a synthesis of expressionist and surrealist elements with a popular theme. Within the recognition achieved in 1939 , Frida travels to Paris to show his paintings. During this trip manages to impress Picasso and Kandinsky with their jobs. Picasso later wrote a letter to Diego Rivera with high praise for Frida , highlighting his skills as a portraitist : " Neither you nor Derain, nor I are able to paint a face painting as Frida Kahlo de Rivera ."

Frida Kahlo died in 1954 in Coyoacán . His remains were laid to rest in the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City and his coffin was draped with the flag of the Mexican Communist Party, a fact that heavily criticized the national press . His body was cremated in the Civil Dolores Crematorium and his ashes are kept at the Blue House in Coyoacan , the place also was born.

Your last picture is also displayed in the Museo Frida Kahlo . De is an oil on masonite showing various cuts of watermelons in very bright colors. In one of these pieces and with his signature can be read " VIVA LA VIDA. Coyoacán, 1954 , Mexico . " The last words in his diary were: " I hope the exit joyful and I hope never to return "

I leave a link to know a little more of his work and who is lucky enough to go visit his museum.

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