Friday, August 16, 2013

Fernando Botero: the beauty of different

Beauty is often symbiotic social custom of the time. So, 100 years ago a fat women would define a
beautiful woman. More modern, extreme thinness and tanned skin are synonymous desirable woman. But in art there is something else: the beauty transcends popular opinion and the passage of time and to find the metaphorical art of Fernando Botero a legacy started 50 years ago and that remains today.
Fernando Botero Angulo is a painter, sculptor and draftsman Colombian. World art icon, extensive work is recognized by children and adults alike everywhere. It is considered living artist originally from Latin America's most recognized and quoted the world.
The work of authorship is imprinted with an original contemporary figurative style Neo-Renaissance, known by some as "Boterismo" which gives it an unmistakable identity and moving to, and is characterized by the interpretation given by the artist to various universal themes ( man, woman, man, feelings, passions, etc.) with a volumetric exalted, that permeates a special three-dimensional character, as well as strength and sensuality to the work, with particular anatomical conception, an aesthetic that might fit chronologically between thirty to forty years in the West, on topics that may be contemporary or past, but with universal, with lively and masterful use of color in the style of the Venetian Renaissance school and fine details of scathing criticism, irony and subtlety.
Since its inception Botero has turned to genre scenes, initially with a dark colored brushstrokes (with occasional strong contrasts) close to expressionism and from the late sixties, has used a touch closed, with figures and more defined contours.
In his recent work, Botero has used thematically to the political situation in Colombia and the world. For
example, the series of "Abu Ghraib" consists of 78 pictures that try to represent the horrors of torture and war related to the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the events of Abu Ghraib Prison from of the statements of the people there tortured.

Other works of the artist:

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