Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Capoeira: more than a sport

Calling it just a sport would belittle. We're talking about an activity that has alternated between defense and art through body language. Brought where man himself is a native (Africa), capoeira is a legacy of Brazilian culture. Rightly be included for the first time as a demonstration sport in the next Olympic Games Rio 2016
According to some scholars, the word capoeira appoint a special type of cages used to transport birds (capon), which were conducted by slaves to markets. The term would be extended from the cages to the slaves brought from Angola, Africa. According to proponents of this hypothesis, as they awaited the arrival of traders, slaves amused themselves in the practice of his art-fighting, also going under that term also called (capoeira)
Its origin is not exactly known, but one theory suggests that Capoeira originated from a courtship dance in

Angola by the young suitors, or at least was one of the components that formed it, however, this is a of many theories. There is controversy about whether the game arrived with enslaved Africans or whether Africans refined existing Brazilian game. Regardless, the catalyst for capoeira, was the homogenization of Africans under the oppression of slavery. Capoeira emerged as a form of resistance to oppression, an art practiced in secret, a transmission of culture and spiritual stimulation.
At present there are countless schools around the world, which lead this martial art, not only as an art but also as a way of life, an inspiration. Capoeira has become a form of social integration, as no matter from where the person doing it does not discriminate creed or social status, are not intended to demonstrate the superiority of one over the other.

There are historians who say that in Capoeira movements are reflecting some jungle animals. As the jaguar, for its cautious approach while explosive attack, the spider, by the way they weave their prey, everywhere, in any case, the slave who escaped to the jungle, was chained and had to fend "Capitães do mato '(slave hunters) as I could. Shock applied to the head, elbows, knees, spinning, jumping or rolling on the ground.
Capoeira martial discipline remarkable for the softness and extent of movements, most of which describe circular paths, sudden shock, catch it with your feet, use of fakes and feints, both long and short distances, hitting with hand open, the joint body dodges, and the use of traditional weapons. Does not focus on injuring the opponent, rather, emphasizes the skill.

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