Friday, May 31, 2013

Paraguay War: The destruction of a rising nation

There was once organized a South American nation where corruption did not govern. A country that was not only a supplier of raw material for the old world, but had reached a certain degree of industrialization and development. Paraguay was a nation to imitate, however his kind neighbors and much further stakeholders held a different view and set your goal in your destruction. Not claim that Paraguay would not have looked, but certainly the Paraguay War was a devastating conflict and
uneven, which largely determine the future of the Guarani people.
The War of Paraguay, called by the Paraguayans Great War was the military conflict in which the Triple Alliance (a coalition of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina) fought militarily against Paraguay.
The conflict erupted in late 1864, when Marshal Francisco Solano López, president of Paraguay, decided to come to the aid of the government by the Partido Blanco of Uruguay, in civil war against the Colorado Party, he supported militarily by Brazil. Lopez warned governments of Brazil and Argentina would consider any aggression to Uruguay as an attack balance Plata States. The Brazilian government defied the threat and consequently the Paraguayan government seized the Brazilian merchant ship "Marquis of Olinda" in the port of Asuncion and imprisoned the governor of the Brazilian province of Mato Grosso, who was on board.
The first stage of the war was to the successful invasion of Mato Grosso by Paraguayan forces in December 1864 where he took and sacked the city of Corumbá and took possession of the province and its diamond mines. Then Mitre order refused permission to send troops Paraguay Argentine territory. In response, Paraguayan troops occupied the city of Corrientes, in April 1865, which forced Argentina to enter the war, allied with Brazil.
The war funding was obtained through borrowing in British firms, who saw the conflict against Paraguay
convenient. This was one of the few countries that had not fallen under his tutelage cheaper thanks to protectionism that had led to Paraguay to autonomous economic development trend and industrialist, in contrast to other South American states.

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