Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Geysers: Mysterious expression of nature


The nature in the geyser gives us another example of his inexhaustible creativity. With its captivating
mystery reminds us that life on earth begins with the alacrity of its core. Unknown to many, fascinating and reserved, geysers, deserve their own promotional space.

The geyser is a type of hot spring that "erupts" periodically, ejecting a column of hot water and steam into the air. Its activity is caused by contact between surface water and rocks heated by magma located underground. The geothermally heated water returns to the surface by convection through porous and fractured rocks. The formation of geysers requires a favorable hydrogeology exists only in some parts of the planet, so it is a quite strange phenomenon. There are about 1,000 around the world, nearly half are located in Yellowstone National Park, United States

During the eruption process, the bottom temperature begins to rise geyser reaching boiling and steam bubbles ascend to the top of the duct. Crossing the geyser crater, some water overflows and splashes out, reducing the width of the column and the water pressure underneath. With this pressure relief, water is mixed with superheated steam, ebulliendo violently through the column. The resulting foam between steam and hot water is pushed out of the geyser.

The duration of eruptions and time between them vary by geyser, Strokkur in Iceland erupts few seconds every 14 minutes, while Grand Geyser in the United States does for about 10 minutes every 8 or 12 hours.

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