Monday, July 8, 2013

Walt Disney: Father of Cartoons

His name is best known for amusement parks, for his films and even for its thousands of souvenir
shops to the wider world. However, there is a man, a mind behind all that empire. An advance that he understood that the fantasy of animation hand could achieve similar success or even superior to traditional film industry. His success was complete and his legacy lives on in millions of children around the world. Today we present to Walt Disney but from two respects perhaps less known, its beginnings and some myths surrounding his political thought.
Walter Elias Disney was a producer, director, writer and American entertainer. He was the founder, along with his brother Roy O. Disney, The Walt Disney Company, which generates annual revenues of 30,000 million dollars, and the main architect of a distinctive style of animated films.
1) His beginnings: In his youth, Disney was fascinated by the possibilities of animation. He spent several days in the Kansas City Public Library perusing books anatomy and mechanics. He also read a book of Muybridge Edweard about animation.
After two years working for a short company, thought he had enough experience to start a new business on your own. In 1922, he founded the company Laugh-O-Gram Films, Inc., dedicated to making animated shorts based on popular fairy tales and stories for children.
His first character was "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit", although after his
success lost the rights to Universal Studios. After losing the rights to Oswald, Disney decided to create a new character. We discuss whether the idea first animated mouse (which was basically like Oswald, but with round ears instead elongated) was Disney or his partner Iwerks. What matters is that Mickey Mouse was born. The success was immediate and resounding. Disney himself was responsible for the vocal effects of his first films and was the voice of Mickey Mouse until 1947.
2) Your ideology: Its growth and expansion is history that everyone knows ... but what is the ideology that identifies the "Disney look"? The ideology of Walt Disney, as is evident in his films, is based primarily on the defense of the values ​​of the "American way of life" ("American Lifestyle"), in which he firmly believed.
Some argue that it also had a penchant for fascism. However, if Disney ever had sympathies for fascist regimes, dismissed as the country entered the war against the Axis. During the war, worked with the government making several propaganda films, among which the short Der Fuehrer's Face, which are caricatured Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito and ends with an ode to the virtues of democracy.

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