Thursday, July 11, 2013

Legionaries: Discipline as the key to success

A great empire is forged from great minds, both political and scientific. However, what sustains it, and will always be, a powerful and feared army. More is not always better, and the Romans showed it. Discipline, loyalty and courage allowed them for more than 10 centuries to protect their beloved empire from foreign invasions. The legionaries, one of the most memorable military bodies of human history.
The legionary was a heavy infantryman member of a military unit of the Roman army, formed usually by Roman citizens over 15 years.
The legionary was usually armed with two javelins, a sword (gladius), and up to the time of Tiberius, a dagger. For your protection wore a helmet, armor rings, plates or rectangular scales and a shield bearing a
metal shield or umbo to the hand position. Completed their equipment a pair of sandals and a backpack or bag.
One of its main attributes, since often faced with larger and better equipped armies, was to be part of a highly disciplined body in constant training, both to military maneuvers precisely and accurately.
The length of military service was a legionnaire in early Republic of the duration of the campaign. In the second century. C. service was established that the maximum should be 16 campaigns. After the reforms of Marius, the service time was set at 25 years, who were reduced to 20 in the time of Augustus. Received a pay for
your services, call stipendium from Furio Camillo reforms in the fourth century. C., at the end of their employment, as of Gaius Marius reforms expected to receive a plot of land, which conditioned life seriously end of the Roman Republic
They left their legacy to a different member military corps in history. For example, the French Foreign Legion, the Legion Legion Spanish and Polish.

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