Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Badminton: like tennis, but more refined

It's a game of tennis, NO! It's a game of volleyball, NO! It is ... Badminton! A sport, a mixture of many, but with lots of character earned enough respect to call himself an Olympic sport. Its unique "ball" gives a speed and grace to the game that make it a pleasant sight for the sports lover.
Badminton is a racquet sport individual or couple who are placed in opposite halves of a rectangular court divided network. Unlike other racquet sports in badminton ball is not played, but with a projectile called wheel, pen or cock, which consists of a hemisphere (like a ball) surrounded at its base by feathers that make you go slower. Such a design provides resistance aerodynamic projectile path, giving rhythm to the movements and preventing their diversion in case of wind.
Players must hit the shuttlecock with their racquet so that it crosses the track above the net and falls in the sector opponent. The point ends when the pen touches the ground, to overcome the network.
Badminton is a very modern version of a simpler primitive game called battledore, which was invented in China and that in the early years was a simple form of entertainment. He practiced with two wooden paddles and a ball. This was modified so that their flight was slower.
The current badminton game came from the version that was played in India, where it was called Poona, name of a country's population which was originally played. Some British army officers saw the game in India and brought to England around 1873. There, the Duke of Beaufort was interested in the game. Since regularly practiced his country estate in Gloucestershire, known as Badminton, the name associated with the game continued. In its original form, badminton was a rather formal game was practiced wearing Prince Albert coats, buttoned shoes, tie and baggy pants of seda.Y to play it was necessary to belong to a royal family.
The first badminton club was formed in Bath, England, in 1873. The game implemented in the United States
in 1890 and was also introduced in Canada. The National Badminton Association (ANB) of the United States was established in 1895. At that time the rules were unified.
The first tournament championship for men and women in England was held in 1899, and the first for women and men in 1900. The first American championships were held in 1937 in Chicago and Toronto. From 1992 he became an Olympic sport.

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