Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pato: Argentine National Sport


Thousands of men and women practice it, millions follow him on the court, on radio and television. Maradona Argentina = football = (or Messi?) For 95.5% of world population. But football is a sport ... Argentino English by adoption. Our real national sport includes homo sapiens mounted on elegant equestrian revolean a "bird" to give to the network. If this is the Pato, Argentine national sport. 

The course is perfectly flat and covered with grass or turf. Rings with a diameter of one meter, are located in the bottom line, vertically mounted on poles. The "duck" itself is leather (for environmentalists ... not an animal), with air chamber, and has six handles, is usually white.The eight riders start the game in presets. The team with the duck moves toward the finish line to throw the ring and thus realize somewhat. Players from both teams are entitled to collect the duck when it is in the ground, requiring a mastery of the horse and great physical strength. Whoever makes the duck can pass it to a teammate or riding toward the hoop. Every time the duck is deposited in the network, the somewhat.During the ride, you must observe certain rules to avoid accidents and maintain competitiveness. Notably, there is an obligation to grab the duck with the right hand and extend the right arm and the duck is "offered" the opponent, you can try to grab the duck and steal by "webbing." La cinchada is the characteristic feature of duck, and the most exciting. Two horsemen ride at speed duck taking a handle each, using clean pulls, trying to grab the duck.

In different parts of Europe where it is practiced pole, are sometimes done horseball powers, which happens to be a game adaptation Argentine Duck introduced in France in 1930 by Captain Key. The latter modifies the rules and invents Duck horseball.

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